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  • IR Wireless Remote Control (Car MP3)

    The new ultra-thin 38K universal infrared remote control, NEC encoding format 1-21-key remote control, USB port stereo, car MP3, foot bath, lighting, digital photo frame, microcontroller development board, learning board, etc


    Product Description

    Infrared IR Wireless Remote Control Module Kits DIY Kit HX1838 For Raspberry Pi arduino


    Latest infrared wireless remote control kit consists Mini Slim 38KHz IR remote control and infrared receiver modules, Mini Slim infrared remote control with 17 function keys, firing distances of up to 8 meters, ideal for a variety of devices in the control room. IR receiver module can receive standard 38KHz modulation remote control signal, through programming, you can achieve remote control signal decoding operation, which can produce a variety of remote control robots and interactive works.

    Package Includes:

    - IR transmitter (Remote Control), with CR2025 coin cell battery

    - IR transmitter LED

    - IR receiver breakout

    - Jumper wires

  • CR2025 Coin Cell battery, comes with 160mAh capacity
  • IR transmission distance: 8 meters but must be direct line of sight and the receiver's sensitivity
  • Effective angle: 60 degrees
  • Case material: 0.125mm PET
  • Estimated usage: 20,000 times
  • Quiescent current 3-5uA
  • Dynamic current 3-5mA
  • Arduino compatible


  • The sensor uses HX1838, high sensitivity.
  • Operating voltage is 5 volts.
  • Output form: digital output.
  • VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be directly connected to the 5V microcontroller and 3.3V microcontroller).
  • GND: External GND.
  • IN: external microcontroller I/O port, I/O port is designed 10K pull-up resistor.
  • Several theoretical test distance of about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on the surrounding factors you use, as well as the middle barrier (such as diaphragm, glass, obstructions or other materials blocking), receiving head with HX1838 with lights power work instructions, get 38K frequency no coding data remotely.

    Package included

  • 1pc IR Remote Control (Contain battery)
  • 1pc HX1838 Remote Module
  • 1pc 3Pin 20cm Dupont Cable Female to Female
  • Contain six independent inverters
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V
  • Outputs Can Drive up to 10 LSTTL Loads
  • Low Power Consumption, 20-µA Maximum ICC
  • Sense for object between the IR emitter and IR receiver
  • count the number of obstruction in a given time frame
  • Flexible operating voltage of 3.3V to 5V
  • Digital output (0V or 3.3V)
  • Utilize LM393 comparator

IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Module Sensor Arduino Car Robot

  • A pair of infrared transmitter and the receiver 
  • Working voltage of 3.3V-5V
  • Sensor can be adjusted by the potentiometer
  • Little interference, easy to assemble

IR Infrared Flame Detection Sensor Module

  • Can detect the flame or the wavelength at 760 nm to 1100 nm range of the light source
  • The detection angle of 60 degrees, the flame spectrum particularly sensitive
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V-5V
  • Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator

IR Infrared Light (LM393) Sensor Module for Arduino Smart Car Robot

  • Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
  • Digital switch outputs (0 and 1)
  • Has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Small plates PCB size: 3.2cm * 1.4c
  • Great set: Include 65pcs wires, other items are not included. 4 different length sizes meets your various of needs.
  • Practical: Essential wires for breadboard accessory.
  • Useful: The jumper cable is ideal for creating circuits between your microcontroller and the breadboard on the bots.
  • Advantage: Provides an easy way for you to build your own circuitry on a breadboard.
  • Special: These cables are flexible with both ends of a prototyping board connector.
  • Recognizes the availability of sound (vibration principle)
  • Signal output indication.
  • Single channel signal output.
  • Can detect the intensity of the sound environment.
  • Quadruple high current half H driver 
  • Wide supply voltage range from 4.5V to 36V
  • Separate input logic supply
  • Internal ESD protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • High noise immunity inputs
  • 95db continous sound buzzer
  • Buzzer Type: Piezoelectric
  • Operating Voltage: 3 - 24V
  • Laser Module

    Laser transmitter module provides a small but intense beam. Avoid looking directly at the beam to prevent damage to eyesight

  • Wavelength: 650nm (red)
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Wavelength: 650nm
  • Current draw: 30mA
  • Color: Red


Laser Diode

A low cost laser diode with laser pointer feature as light source. It is best to use with the LDR sensor to detect intruder for security system pupose.


Input voltage : 3.3v polarity: red(+) and blue(-) Warning: do not point the laser to the eyes.

  •  Super Bright
  • Red, Green, Blue
  • Common Anode
  • Diameter 5mm
  • Type: Manual solder sucker
  • Material: aluminum alloy + plastic
  • Application range: widely used in electronics, electrical appliances and other industries, efficient and portable
  • Elongated size: 33cm
  • Telescopic size: 18.7cm
  • DC to DC Step-Down Module
  • Generates a lower, regulated DC voltage
  • Higher efficiency and lower heat dissipation
  • Input: DC 3 - 40V
  • Adjustable 3 terminal positive voltage regulator
  • Output Current in Excess of 1.5 A
  • Output Adjustable between 1.2 V and 37 V
  • Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  • Internal Short Circuit Current Limiting Constant with Temperature
  • Output Transistor Safe Area Compensation
    DC-DC Step Down Buck Coverter Board
  • Adjustable output voltage range: 1.2 ~ 37V
  •   Operating temperature: -55 to +150
  •   Output Current: 1.5A
  •   Input voltage: 4.2 ~ 40 V
  • Material: High Quality Carbon Steel
  • Type: Long Nose with teeth
  • Length: 8 inch
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose
  • 2 Mbit/s rate of the peak current of 12.5mA received
  • In the 2Mbit/s rate @ 0dBm output peak current of 11mA
  • 400nA power down mode
  • 32uA standby mode power consumption
  • 130us fast switching and wake-up time
  • With on-chip voltage regulator