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  • High quality.
  • Non-contact magnetic induction angle measuring module.
  • High precision, a variety of output modes: IIC, PWM and voltage.

Electrical parameters:

  • VCC: 3.3V
  • GND: food mass.
  • Output: PWM / analogue output voltage
  • DIR: direction of rotation (earth = the value increases clockwise, then VCC = the values are reduced clockwise).
  • SCL: IIC The clock line communication
  • SDA: IIC data communication line
  • GPO: mode selection (internal ground traction = programming mode B)

Atmospheric pressure(KPa): 100 8.5 4.4 2
Rated voltage:
Working voltage(V): 500 250 175 150

Contact diameter(mm):Φ1.5 Φ2.5 Φ3.5 Φ5.5
Rated current:
current (A) : 10 25 50 100

Contact diameter(mm): Φ 1.5 Φ 2.5 Φ 3.5 Φ 5.5
Contact resistance:
Rated resistance(Ω):0.0025 0.001 0.0005 0.0003


1)Material: Zinc alloy housing,steel latch
2)Color:Matte Silver
3)Surface:Chrome plated
4) Usage: Electronic cabinets, cash registers, mailbox, moneybox, locker, wardrobe, and other steel office furniture.


1PCS Black Pneumatic Fitting Air Quick Fittings
High Strength, Wear Resistance,Corrosion Resistance,High Density,Not Easy to rupture.The Product is Sturdy and Durable and Has a Long Service Life.
Easy Installation and Disassembly,Good Sealing Performance.It Can be Used for The Connection of pipes and The Use of Different Pneumatic Components,and Has a Wide Range of Uses.
You Can Easily Insert or Pull out the Trachea Without Any Tools
The Clip of Connecting Air Pipe is Made of Strong Plastic Material,Which is Not Easy to Fall off After Connection Adopt Sealing Component,Keep Good Sealing, Not Easy to Leak.
Freely Change Pipeline Direction After Installation,Easy to Insert or Pull Trachea Manually Without Tools.


Product Name: White Copper Terminal Block

Connector Color: White

Material: Copper, Plastic


5-way infrared tracking sensor overview:
Based on the TRCT5000 infrared reflection sensor, it is often used to make tracking smart cars. The infrared emitting diode of the TRCT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared rays. When the emitted infrared rays are reflected by the object, they are received by the infrared receiver and output analog values. The output analog value is related to the object distance and the color of the object. The position of the tracking line is judged by calculating the analog value of the five outputs.

void setup()

Serial.println("TRSensor example");
pinMode(A0, INPUT);
pinMode(A1, INPUT);
pinMode(A2, INPUT);
pinMode(A3, INPUT);
pinMode(A4, INPUT);


void loop()

Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print(" ");


  1. -Size:18.5CM*7CM*4.5CM
  2. -Cutting range:0.08~8mm
  3. -Stripping range:10~24AWG

Magnetic Proximity Sensor

  • GLS-M1 + GLS-S1 = GLS-1 (complete set)
  • Sensing Method: Magnetic
  • Sensing Distance: 15 mm
  • Mounting Style: Screw
  • Output Configuration: NO
  • MaximumOperating Temperature: + 60 C
  • MinimumOperating Temperature: - 20 C
  • Switch Shape: Rectangular
  • Pole and Throw Configuration: SPST
  • Maximum Current: 0.1A

Product Parameters
Working voltage: 1.65V~5.5V
llC clock frequency: 0~400KHz
Working environment temperature: -40°C~85C
Small board size: 31.5mm*21.4mm with two M3 mounting holes
Instructions For Use
The /RESET,SDA, SCL,AO,A1,and A2 pins on the small board areconnected to the pull-up 10K resistor, no need to connect externally.


Application Method

1.Strip the wire
2.Insert wire into terminal
3.Crimp the terminal with wire pliers
4.Install on equipment



  • Donut board (individual copper per hole)
  • Spacing (Hole to hole distance): 100mil or 2.54mm
  • Material: Paper Pheonolic
  • Number of holes: 96 columns x 35 rows, 3360 Holes.
  • All holes are plated through, for through-hole component
  • Dimension: 10cm x 24cm


  • Model: AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1
  • Pins: 4-40 Pins
  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Type: Same
  • Length: 10/20/30Cm
  • Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃;
  • Externl Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue, Silver Gray
  • Rated Voltage: 60V;
  • Rated Current: 1A;
  • Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ;
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ;
  • Withstand Voltage: AC500V@1Min;
  • The each end cable is reinforced with a stiffener to make insertion easier or to provide strain relief.
  • This Multi-Funtionn bracket is suitable to be used in joints of various robotics project.
  • Suitable Servo: TowerPro MG995, MG996, TR231 & most of the Hiltec & Futaba servo with dimensions around 40 mm x 20 mm x 36 mm
  •  This is Long U-Shape bracket for MG995 and MG996 Servo Motors.