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Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Test
Model: P1044
Clip Material: Copper Plating
Banana Plug Material: Plated Copper
Wire Material: PVC
Maximum Voltage/Current: 500V/5A
Length: Approx. 1m / 39.4in
Diameter: Approx. 2.8mm / 0.1in



Material: Nylon
IP rating: IP44
AMP: 16A/32A
Color: Blue Red
Voltage: 220V-380V



Product detailed size: 42X25.2mm
Instructions for use:
1. The module is wired as defined, and the voltage is 7-36V (if the output is to 10V, the supply voltage must be greater than 12V)
2. After power-on, the light should be on, otherwise check the line connection. The board is ly protected, and the connection does not .
3. When the current input is at the minimum value (0mA or 4mA), adjust the ZERO potentiometer to make the output the minimum value (0.0V or other voltage).
4. When the current input is at the maximum value (20mA), adjust the SPAN potentiometer to make the output the maximum value (3.3V or 5V or 10V. When the input is 4-20ma, the output can be as small as 2.5V)


About this item
➤[HIGHLY DURABLE]-----These hex acorn nuts are made of nylon with outstanding load bearing and rust/wear-resistant properties. They are perfect to use in any condition, indoor and outdoor, which are made to last. Very tough and lightweight.
➤[A LARGE VARIETY]-----We offer a diverse selection in the assortment kit containing 7 different sizes: ①M3 ②M4 ③M5 ④M6 A large variety for making sure to support all of your projects!
➤[PROVIDE SAFETY]-----The acorn dome nuts are 6-sided making them easy to tighten with a wrench. They are used for covering the threaded fastener like bolts/screws for the scratch-free result, keeping you and your children safe.



Type: Ammeter Voltmeter/ Volt Meter /Sensitive Ammeter Tool Material: ABS, Electronic Components Features: Eco-friendly, Educational Toy, Experiment Aids Size: 8.1cm x 8.6cm x 5cm/3.19" x 3.39" x 1.97" (Approx.)



  • Do It Yourself Wooden Magnetic Force Car STEM Kit.
  • Simple and yet educational.
  • Suitable for age 4 years old and above.
  • Come with everything needed to assemble.
  • No soldering is needed.
  • Learn about the basics of magnets.

A very fun science toy, the kid can assemble it with parents.
Keep calm going though. If the circle touches the track, the light will be lighted.
Promote a child’s hand-on skill.
Suitable for physics class experiment and children’s extracurricular science activity.
Kids can study physics knowledge by playing this DIY game.

Kindly reminders:
Please make sure the steps and accessories have been understood before starting assembly.
It will be better if parents can assemble with kids.


Maximum Power (Pmax) = 0.5 Wp

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) = 5V

Current at Maximum Power (Impp) = 0.1 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) = 6 V

Short Circuit Current (Isc) = 0.12 A

Panel Efficiency = 6.3 %

Power Tolerance (Positive) = + 3 %

 Power Tolerance (Negative) = - 3 %

Thermal Ratings =Standard Test Conditions (STC): air mass AM 1.5, irradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25°C

Operating Temperature Range = -20~65 °C

Cell Type = Polycrystalline

Cell Number = 10



  • Flanged Metal Shielded Ball Bearings: Manufactured to the same principal sizes as standard bearings but fitted with metal shields, these bearings have an additional flange to allow fitting into housings flush against the shoulder of the flange. They are often used on steel tracks as guides and supports. The shields serve to offer protection to prevent ingress of debris and dust whilst retaining the grease within the bearing.
  • Benefits: Cost effective replacement bearing, Flanged design, Metal shielded. 


- 100% brand new and high quality.

- Independent lighting design, 2 LED for the large lens and 1 LED for the small one.

- Comfortable ergonomic handle, switch to turn lights on and off.

- Compact and stylish design, portable light weight.

- Easy to hold, great for reading, circuits and etc.


1M Wire 26 AWG Power/Signal Cable 5/10 Multiple Stranded Multi Core Flexible Stranded UL1007 PVC Signal Copper Wire DIY


L-Shape Test Fixture PCB Guide Plate Zinc Alloy for ICT / FCT Test Fixture CNC Machining Plate M3/M4 Screw GuidePlate

Size : 


Specification: Brand new Length: approx. 170mm Color: as the picture shows HS-202B multifunctional crimping plie Multi-functional crimping pliers For crimping non-insulated terminal and cutting wires Package included: 1 x crimping pliers (pliers only, other accessories are not included)