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  • Type: Electronic Digital Thermometer
  • Color: Pink / Blue / White
  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply: CR2032
  • Size: 42*42*13mm / 1.69*1.69* 0.51in
  • Cable length: 1m

480pcs assorted crimp terminals
Colors: Red (190pcs) + Blue (190pcs) +Yellow (100pcs)
Material: Copper + PVC + Tinplate


POPULAR SIZES: Supplied in a folding tool holder this extra-long hex key set features the 9 most common used sizes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

BALL END FOR 25° ANGLES: The hex keys ball end design allows you to work effortlessly on angles up to 25 degrees, enabling you to gain access to screws in difficult and tight spaces.

HIGH QUALITY CRV STEEL: Made using chrome vanadium steel, each hex key has been heat treated to give you maximum strength and to provide you with ongoing durability and reliability.

COLOUR-CODED FOR QUICK ID: The hex keys are coloured so you can quickly and easily identify their unique sizes, they also slot neatly fit into a size marked tool holder for uniformed storage.

ANTI-SLIP COATING: For extra control, the powder coated coloured layer provides you with a firm grip on the hex key so you can comfortably hold the tool to loosen and tighten screws with ease.



• Measurement of most magnet will have 0.5mm+ - difference due to manufactoring factors.

• Magnet with holes are more fragile compare to non-hole ones. Please handle it with extra care!

• Magnets are made of compressed powder, it is not solid like metal. Therefore magnets are consider as fragile goods.

• It will break apart / shatter if magnets are not handled with care or correct applications.

• DO NOT cut / sand down / bend / burn the magnet.

• Keep away from children, handle with extra care as large magnet might break your fingers.


1.Center Frequency:1575.42MHz
Band Width:±5 MHz
Polarization:Right-hand polarization
2.LNA Specification:
LNA Gain(Without cable):≥27dB
Noise Figure:<=1.5dB
Interference suppression:20dB(f0±140MHz)
V.S.W.R :<2.0
DC Voltage:3.0±0.3VDC;5.0±0.5VDC
DC current:<=20mA
3.Mechanical Specification:
3m Cable: RG174
Connector: SMA
Mounting: Magnetic base

  • Specifications:
  • Power Supply:12V DC/24V DC/110V-220V AC
  • Temperature Control Range:-55°-120°
  • Resolution Ratio: 0.1°C(-9.9-99.9); 1°C(other range)
  • Color of Displaying: red/blue
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Control accuracy: 0.1°C
  • Sensor: NTC10K Waterproof sensor
  • Output: Relay Contact Capacity 10A 220V / 20A 12V / 20A 24V
  • Environmental requirements: -10-60°C , humidity 20%-85%RH
  • Dimension:79mm *43mm*26mm
  • Cutting Size:73mm*39mm
  • Sensor wire: 1 meter


  • Small size for easy installation
  •  Real COM and TTY drivers for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  •  Standard TCP/IP interface and versatile operation modes
  •  Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuring multiple device servers
  •  SNMP MIB-II for network management
  •  Configure by Telnet, web browser, or Windows utility
  •  Adjustable pull high/low resistor for RS-485 ports
  • The adhesive on the back of this cable tie is very firm and hard to fall off
  • The wire harness can be adjusted according to the size of the wire
  •  Name:Adjustable Cable Tie
  • Size:as the picture show
  • Material:PA66
  • Color:black
  • Package:10*Adjustable Cable Tie

Download features: AT89S51 / 52 MCU
2. Supports all AVR ASP chips.
3. The output port is ATMEL standard port.
4.there is a USB power supply and the target board supports 5V target voltage, which can be selected via the bridge cap connection.
5. Autospeed can automatically adjust the speed of the firmware, the downloader will make automatic chip frequency tracking that will be programmed and automatically switch the speed to achieve automatic speed adjustment.
6. Reserve MOSI, MISO, RET, SCK, VCC, GND. 6-pin interface, convenient for users to connect to the target board as needed.
7. The programming programming interface is reserved, and users can upgrade the downloader firmware by themselves.
Programming software: AVR_fighter, PROGISP1.66, PROGISP1.67, PROGISP1.68 can compil lower or higher software, and record the movie in one step, which is very convenient



Module USES:
After power on the module can be real-time detection voltage, when you need to recharge my mobile phone, ipod, MP3 players and other digital products, light touch "output enable" button, at this time, the USB power light is lit up, USB 5.0 V voltage output; When you need to shut down the digital tube, light touch "low power" button, the module into the ultra low power standby mode, the USB output also shut off accordingly.

Module purpose:
Ultra wide input voltage, it can be used for car battery car/motorcycle, used to monitor the battery voltage, timely grasp the battery status, can be used for all kinds of voltage measurement purposes. 5.0 V, 2 a output current capability, enough to satisfy all kinds of USB devices, voltage is very stable.


Maximum Ratings:
- Static input supply voltage (VlN): 20V
- BAI: -8.4V-20V
- BAT Short-Circuit Duration: Continuous
- Operating environment Temperature range: -40 ℃ -85 ℃
- Storage temperature range: -65 ℃ - 125 ℃

- Portable equipment, various chargers
- Smartphone, PDA, mobile cellular telephone
- MP4, MP5 players, tablets
- HM
- Power Tools
- Walkie-talkie

Default shipping settings: 4.2V 2A. The board has with LED, and LED's external reserve position.

Size: 25 * 17 * 5mm ultra-small size
Input voltage: 5-18V DC power supply
Charge status: full and unloaded blue lights, charging red.


Universal Barcode Scanner Holder, Barcode Scanner Holder, Barcode Reader Rack Bracket Wall Mount Accessiors Fit for Most Scanner :

  • The barcode scanner holder is made of durable industrial type ABS, extremely strong and durable to keep your scanner safe stowed and always accessible.
  • Universal barcode scanner holder wall mount bracket fit for most scanner barcode scanner scan gun label reader.
  • Easy to install and remove, simple your life and save your time.
  • Support two wall hanging methods, nail fixation or super glue fixation

Products inside unpacking RS232 data ,through the data reorganization at the same time to several ports to send. So the baud rate sent decided by the host send baud. The data is can be bi-directional. Due to the features of the splitters, the host can send data to the 4/8 ports at the same time. When sending data from the vice host, it can not be sent at the same time. Two vice host up to send data independently is required to have a time interval.

Support 1 channel serial male input and 4 serial female port output
Full hardware design, support any baud rate and any protocol format
Data transmission and reception without any delay
Support cascade, the maximum output transmission distance of 25 meters

Connection Diagram:

1. One computer to control 4 RS232 devices
The input port should connect to COM port of computer by the straight-through serial cable
The 4 Output port connect to 4 Devices by the straight-through serial cable.

2. As the Multiple Signal Acquisition
The input port connect to the acquisition equipment by the cross serial cable.
The 4 Output port connect to the COM port of computer.


Model: H3Y-2
Material:Metal, Aluminum, Plastic
Supply voltage: DC12V 24V 
Rated time Range:10second , 1minute, 60minute 
Pins: 8
Work mode: electricity delay