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Model : Micro Usb Cable / Type-C Cable
Length: 1m
Materials: Rubber
Interface: USB To Micro USB / USB to Type-C

Data syncing 
Revolutionary 2-in-1 cable for charging power and transferring data simultaneously


Connect a multimeter to measure SMD LCR components such as resistors, capacitors, etc.
With a safety pressure of 250V, the user can perform multi-function testing with one-handed operation.
Ideal for precision circuit board line measurements, microcapacitance measurements.
Especially for excellent technology and more sophisticated chip capacitance measurement.
Universal multimeter connection, perfect tool for electronic work.

Material: Plastic + Copper
Color: Red + Black
Bus length: 690mm / 27.1in 
Line length: 535mm / 21in
Weight: 57g / 2.0oz

Package List:
1 * SMD Test Clip


Automatically Adapt to the Cable Diameter of 13mm, 11mm, 9mm, 7mm, 5mm and 3.5mm. Six types are available.
Effectively Shield EMI Interference.Universal applications,such as USB cable, audio/video cable to improve audio and video quality.
Easy Tool-free Installation. Snap-on design for convenient installation and disassembly.
Premium Quality for Durable Use. Wear-resistant exterior. High temperature resistant and anti-corrosion.
Crafted Magnet Core Shields Interference. Use strong magnet core to strengthen signal transmission.
Clear Picture without Flashing. Improved image quality. Sharp and vivid color. Stable transmission is ensured.

Core diameter: 13mm/11mm/9mm/7mm/5mm/3.5mm (optional)

  • Temperature: 155 degrees celcius
  • Type : insulated
  • Color : reddish brown
  • Usages: electrical tools, ballasts, automative electronics, refrigerator, air conditioner compressor motors, television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens, various transformers, other kinds of electronic motors and electrical appliances.
  • Advantages: high conductivity of electricity, good heat dispering performance.

The 2800 Tie Point Solderless Breadboard is build by 4 SYB-118 breadboard, good for large projects used. It is 24cm x 20cm in size with a extra 100 tie point double-strip power rails and two set power terminal point. All mounted on a plate for more convenient use.

2800 tie point (4xSYB-118)
Extra 100 tie point double-strip power rail
Platic base with rubber stand
2x quick connect power terminal
Dimensions: 24cm x 20cm
Weight: 500g


125KHz USB Proximity Sensor Smart RFID ID Card Reader.

Key Features:
USB interface, no driver required
Read the card inside the ID number and send it to the computer via the USB interface.
The output format can be selected by management cards

Frequency: 125KHz
Interface: USB
Plug and Play
Reliable working condition
Powered directly from USB, no need external power supply
Read first 10 digits of the RFID/Proximity card.
Diagnostic Power LED
Built-in operating buzzer
Easy usage
Compact design


1) Rainfall display range: 0 to 19,999mm
2) Outdoor temperature range: -40 ~ +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
3) Indoor temperature range: -9.9 ~ +60°C (-15.8°F to +176°F)
4) Temperature accuracy: ±1.0°C
5) Power requirements: 
  a) Receiver: 2 x "AA" alkaline batteries (not included)
  b) Rain gauge: 2 x "AAA" alkaline batteries (not included)
6) Transmission range: up to 100meters( 330feet)
7) Transmission frequency: 433MHz
8) Model : WH0531

1) Outdoor wireless sensor (range up to 100 meter)
2) Detail display of rainfall data in 1hour, 24hour, week, month
   and total since last reset(user selectable in inch or mm) 
3) Indoor   and outdoor temperature (°F to °C)
4) Time and date with manual setting option 
5) 12 /24 hour time mode 
6) Calendar 
7) Time zone setting 
8) Time alarm    
9) Free standing 


Easy plug and play charging for your 2-3s batteries. Simply connect any Lipo battery to the balance port of the charger to begin the auto charge cycle. Perfect for beginner RC hobbyists or as a spare easy to use charger.

Suitable battery:
2S 7.4v and 3S 11.1v lithium batteries
Charger has three lights, if charged with 2S, there are two lights are red, a green; if 3S, three lights are red.
After the lamp is filled, the lamp turns green. If the light flashes, it shows that the battery voltage is wrong, maybe the battery is too loose. If the battery is normal, the lamp is still flashing, which shows that the charger has a problem, and it needs to be repaired.
Product features:
● Easy 2-3s Charging (no programming)
● Plug and play operation
● Wide voltage range (great for travel)
● Overheat and over charge protection.

Product parameter:
Size: 90x58x33mm
Output current: 3*1600mah
Supply voltage: 110-240V AC
Suitable for: 2S/3S (7.4V/11.1V) lithium battery
Display mode: Bright white LED display panel
Weight: 162g

  • High brightness
  • Good reliablity
  • Beautiful shape
  • Careful manufacturing

Solar Panel is a solar power generation (solar cell)

This panel solar is capable of converting sunlight into electric signal

Good Solar Panel is that has high efficiency with the smallest size able to produce power as much as possible

Peak Voltage, Current & Watt: 
- 1v 85mA 0.085w (AK30x25)
- 5v 60mA 0.3w (AK68x37)
- 5.5V 110mA 0.605w (YY84x54)
- 5.5v 60mA 0.33w (YY100x28)
Material: Photovoltaic + Polycrystalline
Size(LxW): 30x25mm, 68x37mm, 84x54mm, 100x28mm 


•    Material: Stainless Steel A2/ 304
•    Type: Flat washer
•    Diameter size:  M2.5 / M3 / M4 / M5 / M6 / M8 / M10

•    1pc x Stainless Steel Flat Washer


Since the sizes and quantities are various from model to model, please pay attention to the size description and choose the exact one you need.

Item: Socket Cap Screw
Size: M3 M4 M5
Drive head: Inner hex for allen key
Thread size: M3 (Allen key 2.5mm) / M4 (Allen key 3mm) / M5 (Aleen key 4mm)
e.g.: M3*6 (Thread diameter 3mm and length 6mm) excludes head length


Since the sizes and quantities are various from model to model, please pay attention to the size description and choose the exact one you need.

Item: Round/Button Head Screw
Size: M3 M4
Drive head: Phillips Head
Product Size: Thread Diameter (D) * Thread Length (L)
e.g.: M3*6 (Thread diameter 4mm and length 25mm) excludes head length


On/Off/On  3 position rocker switch
Colour: Black Red
Terminals: 3
SPDT (single pole double throw)
Rated voltage: 6A 250VAC, 10A 125VAC


- No electromagnetic induction
- No eddy current loss in High Frequency (HF)
- Electrically and thermally insulated
- Non-magnetic
- Non-static
- Resistant to acid. (except hydrofluoric)

Model No. Type
• WS-100A ( – ) 0.4 x 0.9
• WS-100B ( – ) 0.4 x 1.3
• WS-100C ( – ) 0.4 x 1.8
• WS-100D ( – ) 0.4 x 2.0
• WS-1000E ( – ) 0.4 x 2.4
• WS-100F ( – ) 0.7 x 2.5
• WS-100G ( + ) PHO
• WS-100H ( + ) PH1.7