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*Soldering Service


Type:Fast Recovery Diode
Part Number: 04N60C3, O4N60C3
Function: Cool MOS Power Transistor – 650V, 0.95 Ohm, 4.5A


Use this paper to dip into the solution or substance to be measured, then compare it to the color chart.

Example for soil to be measured

Neutral soil has pH= 7;
pH < 5 is acidic soil (acid soil);
6 < pH < 7 is best for many plants.


Item Name: Note Book
Style: Vintage
Material: Paper
Pages: 30 Pages
Page Size: A5
Features: Kongfu Name Printed, Cool, Chinese Style, Stationery
Size: 20.5cm x 14cm/8.07" x 5.51" (Approx.)


Product Descriptions:
GP Supercell Batteries Size AA/AAA
Voltage: 1.5V
Durable and long-life battery.


Model : C9012 / C9013

  • Description: brand new and high quality
  • Material: Electrical components
  • Color: Yellow
  • Specification:
  • Motor diameter: approx. 24.5mm/0.96"
  • Motor height: approx. 34.2mm/1.35"
  • Motor shaft diameter: approx. 2mm/0.079"
  • Motor shaft length: approx. 13.5mm/0.53"
  • Blade diameter: approx. 100mm/3.94"(after assembling)
  • Blade Aperture: approx. 1.95mm/0.077"
  • Output voltage: DC 0.01v - 5.5v
  • Output current: 0.01 - 100mA
  • Rated speed: 100 - 6000 rev/min
  • Name: DC Micro Motor Small LED Lights Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator Blades

Brand : Omron
Model : MY2N-GS (8pin)
Contact form: Two open and two closed
Voltage: AC 240V or DC 24V
Maximum contact current: 5A


Model: MY4N-GS
Contact form: 4PDT
Voltage:AC 240V, 110V, 24VDC 24V, 12V
Contact Arrangement: 4PDT
Wiring method to socket: Screw, Screw (rising-up), Screwless clamp
Coil Polarity: A1+ / A2-
Rated Current: 3 AMP
Relay Terminals: Plug-in
Coil Voltage: 220/240 VAC
Mounting: Socket - DIN-rail
Features: LED


Vh3.96 Buckle Connector 2P3P4P5P6P Connector Straight Foot Curved Pin Rubber Shell Plug High Bend

Product Introduction

Vh3.96 Straight Needle Curved Needle Seat Plastic Shell

Number Of Lines: 2~16

Applicable Wire Gauge: AWG22 #~ 30 #

Adapt To Substrate Thickness: 1 6mm

Temperature Range: -25°C~85°C

Rated Voltage: 250VACIDC

Rated Current: 5A

Contact Resistance: ≤ 0.015Q

Insulation Resistance: ≥ 1000MQ

Pressure Resistance: 1500VAc/1min

Hole Holder: Nylon (PA66) UL94v-2

Needle Holder: Nylon (PA66) uL94V-2

Terminal: Phosphor Bronze Brass

  • Rated Voltage: DC 8.0V
  • No Load Current: 110mA
  • No Load Speed: 12,000rpm
  • Stall Current: 4A
  • Proper Voltage: DC 5.0V-12V (7,500rpm-13,500rpm)
  • Weight: 50g


  • Model: AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1
  • Pins: 4-40 Pins
  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Type: Same
  • Length: 10/20/30Cm
  • Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃;
  • Externl Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue, Silver Gray
  • Rated Voltage: 60V;
  • Rated Current: 1A;
  • Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ;
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ;
  • Withstand Voltage: AC500V@1Min;
  • The each end cable is reinforced with a stiffener to make insertion easier or to provide strain relief.


Features Three 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for digitizing the gyroscope outputs Three 16-bit ADCs for digitizing the accelerometer outputs Three 16-bit ADCs for digitizing the magnetometer outputs Gyroscope full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000°/sec (dps) Accelerometer full-scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g Magnetometer full-scale range of ±4800μT I2C and SPI serial interfaces Power supply: 3-5v Applications TouchAnywhere™ technology (for “no touch” UI Application Control/Navigation) MotionCommand™ technology (for Gesture Short-cuts) Motion-enabled game and application framework Location based services, points of interest, and dead reckoning Handset and portable gaming Motion-based game controllers 3D remote controls for Internet connected DTVs and set top boxes, 3D mice Wearable sensors for health, fitness and sports