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  • 15 root signal lines 
  • Terminal spacing of 5.0 MM, the screw hole diameter of 2.5 MM, need to use the width of 2.5 MM for disassembling a screwdrive
  • VGA 3+9 widely use for 3+9/3+7/3+6/3+5/3+4/3+2 VGA cable.
  • Foldable housing that can be reused without tools for easy assembly and disassembly
  • PCB double-layer circuit design, lead-free instrument welding, environmentally friendly copper terminal blocks.
  • Type:Hdmi Male Plug Terminals Connector
  • Suitable Cable Outer Diameter:less than 11mm
  • Terminals Pitch:54mm(need to use with the width less 2MM flathead screwdriver)
  • Suitable Wire Gauge:20-26AWG