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  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Semi-Transparent Clear White
  • Capacity : 250mL
  • Size : 110 mm x 73mm x 120mm
  • Net Weight : 24g
  • Also can be used in Laboratory.
  • With this measurement beaker, ensures that your measurements will be accurate, even for small quantities.
  • This 250ml measuring jug is ideal for accurate liquid measurement.
  • Smooth surface paired with high mechanical strength and toughness
  • Anti-static, ESD stainless steel.
  • High purity - clean room compatible
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most acids and solvents

Typical applications:

  • Handling of scratch sensitive samples
  • Cleaning and etching processes
  • Handling of static and/or static-sensitive components
  • Handling of soft specimens
  • Handling of magnetic specimens

To properly seat your bowden cable, it is necessary to have a clean, square, end. Without it, there is a risk of oozing, or worse, clogging, in the hot end. This super sharp pipe cutter is the perfect tool to get a clean, square pipe cutout, every time.A stainless steel blade and spring are available. The housing is made of durable, durable plastic.Fits 6mm pipe diameter. It can also be used to cut fibers.

We have also tested these for durability, and from a height of over 1 meter on a concrete floor without damage.
Special, adapted to high-quality Teflon pipes
1 M PTFE tube Teflon tube for TL feeder
1.75mm filament ID number 1.9mm OD 4mm
Disclaimer: Our product is not a Capricornus tube brand, please do not understand.