Wooden Hand Electric Generator Kid Science Toy STEM Physics Kit Educational Toy Children Learning Toy Sekolah RBT Child
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Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm
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Working Principle:

The connecting wheels of the large and small transmission wheels increase the engine speed. There are magnets and copper coils inside the generator. The copper coil rotates to cut the magnetic induction line motion, thereby generating an induced current. Light up the small lamp beads by boosting the voltage through the booster board.

Product name: Turntable hand crank generator

Suitable age: 8+

Difficulty level:★★★★★

Product size: about 16*12.5*8.5CM

Product Features:

By turning the large disc by hand, the generator is driven to rotate, and the output power is realized.

Can light bulbs.


Interesting science and education works, exercise manual brain ability, show hand-cranked electricity

function, light up low-power bulbs, and can also demonstrate the charging effect of mobile phones

Consequence (because the current is small, it cannot be actually charged)


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1pc x Wooden Hand Electric Generator Kid Science Toy